Flat-rate tuition means speed drives savings.

Unlike at universities where you pay per credit, WGU's flat-rate tuition links time and cost. Speeding up means saving money. Here's how it works:

A sample bachelor's degree requires 40 courses, for a total of 120 competency units (credit equivalents.)

  • Choose how many credits you transfer:

  • How much can you finish in a term? In a bachelor's degree program, you're required to earn at least 12 competency units per six–month term, typically three or four courses. But prior knowledge, hard work, and extra time spent studying can all add up to finishing more–maybe even many more–than that!

Minimum required
More Accelerated
CoursesCompetency Units (Credits)
Your Savings

Degree Cost

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Time to

0% Less Time*

Baseline cost and time are based on completing the required minimum of 12 competency units–roughly three or four courses–per six–month term.