Congratulations! In one six–month term you completed courses—. Play again to see how varying your course completion speed and life activities gives you control over your term schedule.

Your term is flexible to fit your life.

The length of each course depends on what you know and how fast you can go.

Drag and drop four or more courses to the schedule below, use +/- to estimate your pace, and don't forget to schedule some down time.

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How fast can you complete this course?

How long will your break be?

You and your mentor will work together to schedule each six-month term to fit your life. You'll be required to complete at least 12 competency units in a bachelor's degree program or 8 in a master's program, and some programs will require certain courses to be completed in a prescribed order. But as long as you meet those requirements, the rest is up to you. Finish a course early? Your mentor can add another to your term schedule. Need a little extra time to finish a particularly tough course? Follow it up with a course you know you can whiz through.