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Carrie Mair, Master of Arts in Science Education

WGU has provided me with a lot of amazing career opportunities. People are aware that a high-quality student comes out of WGU. They are very motivated, hard-working, and driven individuals. I have had at least six job offers at local schools to come and work for them, just because of WGU.

My favorite part of WGU is that they have a mentoring system where you are actually assigned a personal mentor throughout your entire online degree program. I was fortunate enough to get a mentor who learned about me inside and out.

I am very proud of the school that I go to and I know that it's not for all people. I found that Western Governors is good for people who have a plethora of questions and they want to find those answers by themselves. They don’t want to sit and wait for somebody else give it to them.

WGU from a student’s perspective is different because they are a nonprofit online university. It's not about administration, it's not about someone's paycheck, and it’s not about padding someone's wallet. You are there for what it costs you to be there and not a cent more. And if you can get done more in the time that you have been given, you are more than welcome to do that. I think that is an amazing thing in a society that's built on money.

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