An Online MBA Program That Fits Your Life

Garrett Catten, Master of Business Administration

Continuing education is never an easy choice, and it becomes even more complicated as the responsibilities of family, career, and home continue to mount year after year. As I contemplated an online MBA program, I knew that WGU was the best fit for me, because it allowed me to work on a degree without disrupting other aspects of my life.

My mentor and I have a great relationship. She has always given me sound advice and motivates me to reach my potential every time we talk on the phone. Her concern for my progress is genuine and I know that she feels like a stakeholder in my educational advancement.

Like all things in life, you have to make time for the most important things. Time management and scheduling are the most important characteristics required for those who are interested in this program. Although it is difficult, setting aside time each day for study and assessments is a prerequisite for success.

Time constraints are always the biggest hurdle to overcome. I work full-time and travel a lot for my job. Finding the time is hard, but it’s nice to be able to sit down when I do have the time to complete my courses, instead of having a school schedule that I have to find time for.

At WGU I always feel that someone is available to address my concerns. The programs are organized and competency based, which allow for me to use my professional experiences to accelerate my advancement in the program, which is a huge plus. WGU also has allowed me to take my school work with me on the road. My job required me to move to a different state just before beginning my program at WGU. There is no way I could have started a graduate degree program at a traditional school while living away from home.

As a current and future business manager, education is always valuable, and while the long-term hope is to provide my family with a higher quality of life, I will be setting an example for my future children that education is important.

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