Setting an Example with a College Degree

Troy Jenkins, MBA Graduate

My decision to go to WGU was not an easy one. I looked at ten different schools, including online schools. I spent four months doing extensive research, looking at what the programs offered, looking at course descriptions, talking to people who had graduated from WGU and other schools as well. Putting all of that together led me to the best decision of my life—going to WGU. I’ve been in advertising for twenty years; I’ve done marketing for large corporations, down to mom and pop shops. I felt like I should benefit from the experience and the learning that I already had. Also, the fact that WGU was a nonprofit was a huge factor for me; I wanted a university that focuses on education, not profits. WGU is not adherent to its shareholders. Its shareholders are its students.

When I got to WGU, the most exciting thing was that they were teaching me things that I could take into work the next day. I’m extremely well organized and in order to really gain the benefits of WGU, you have to be. There is a special student that goes to WGU. It’s not for everybody because it does require tenacity, you have to push yourself.

If anybody came up to me and asked me what about WGU sets it apart, I would say that they deliver in a way that allows you, the student, to go at your own pace, to utilize the information that you already know. It gives you the tools you need to succeed and mentors to walk with you through the process so you never feel alone. If you have the time, resources and motivation, I can’t think of a better place to go than WGU.

My job as a husband and father is to be a provider, but it’s also about setting an example. The example that I set was if you put your mind to it, it doesn’t matter if anybody in your family doesn’t have a degree yet, you can be the first one. You can set the bar, and I have set the bar. Both of my kids said they’re going to get their MBA to join their father. That was a big moment for me.

When I look back on what WGU did for me as a student and a person, it truly is higher education.

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