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WGU Financial Hardship Fund

WGU understands that some students may experience unusual financial hardship during their degree programs. To help financially struggling students achieve their graduation goals, WGU has established a scholarship fund for students who encounter hardships that are out of their control. Each scholarship will be a one-time award towards the cost of WGU tuition and fees to help a student continue with his or her studies instead of taking a term break or withdrawing. Award amounts will be decided upon to assist with the cost of tuition, but will not cover an entire term’s tuition and fees.

Each scholarship value will be decided based on the circumstances and needs of the student being awarded. Funds are limited and not every student applying will be awarded; awardees will be selected based on their degree of need and their academic records.

Who the Scholarship is for

This scholarship is for current WGU students who have previously demonstrated success at WGU and who have encountered economic hardship that is beyond their control. Students applying for these scholarships funds should already be accessing any available financial aid funds.

Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible for this scholarship, students must:

Note: The scholarship funds will only be credited to your account for use toward the cost of tuition and fees.

Scholarship Policies

Before monies are distributed, the scholarship recipients must read the WGU Student Handbook and agree to and understand the academic progress, tuition, and refund policies. The student will also be required to agree to the WGU Scholarship Terms and Conditions before monies will be awarded. The student must also meet the university’s Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements to maintain scholarship eligibility. Each student can only be awarded one scholarship that is funded or administered through WGU during their degree program.

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