To maintain eligibility as a member institution of the WGU Community College Partnership Program, your school would agree to:

1. Create a permanent link back to the WGU Community College Web page. The URL for this Web page is This link can either be a text link on a prominent section of your Web site, or listed in a directory of partner or "featured" schools, or a graphic Web banner (provided by WGU) placed in a heavy traffic area.

2. Send out an announcement about WGU to your students at least once per year. This announcement can be in the form of a story in a newsletter, or a postcard, or a place in the normal student communication that's in addition to the permanent link described above.

3. Make available to your students and graduates literature about WGU's programs. WGU will provide this literature to you, however we ask that your school maintains a viable inventory at all times. You will receive a package of materials to help you get started if you decide to join the program. If at any time you require additional literature, you can order more online at WGU will ship you your requested items at no cost to you.

In return, WGU would agree to offer you and your graduates the following:

1. A 5 percent tuition discount. This discount will be applied for the first two terms of a student's degree program.

2. WGU Community College Partner Scholarship. Graduates can apply for these scholarships, each valued up to $2,000, to use in addition to the 5 percent tuition discount. These are competitive scholarships (will not be awarded to all applicants), and selection criteria include academic record, readiness for online study, financial need, and other considerations.

3. Faculty Webinars. In order to help educate your advising team and interested department faculty, WGU will offer webinars that will discuss the offerings and advantages the university has to offer graduates.

For more information about the WGU Community College Partnership Program, contact:

Bob Rustad