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Tara McDougall

Tara McDougall

Western Governors University graduate Tara McDougall thought she was well past the point of furthering her education. But she was wrong.

"I chose WGU because it allowed me the flexibility I needed to balance working towards a degree and still being able to work my regular full-time job," said Tara. "Any other option would have required substantial travel and/or time off work."

The thing that attracted Tara to WGU the most was the ability to work at her own pace. The competency-based model and the ability to test out of assessments proved to be very beneficial to her. She completed all the coursework needed to graduate in just one six-month term.

"The unique thing about WGU goes beyond the ability to work at your own pace. The support provided by your mentor is of a quality that I have never seen in a college or university before," Tara remarked. "From the beginning of the enrollment process to applying for graduation, the people at WGU knew how to minimize the stress."

After graduating with her bachelor of science degree in business management, she was promoted at work to an assistant director position. She had been employed there for 10 years, and her degree opened up new possibilities for her.

Tara noted, "With the support of my husband and my own persistence and self-discipline, I can proudly say I have my college degree, and I am the first in my family to be able to say that."

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