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Elizabeth Carroll

Elizabeth Carroll

Not only is music a passion of WGU graduate Elizabeth Carroll, but she has been teaching music to elementary students for 26 years. A master's degree was always something she wanted to pursue, but because of her family life, she knew it was going to be a struggle. However, her studies at WGU turned out to be easier to deal with than she anticipated.

Elizabeth's granddaughter, Catie, was diagnosed with brain cancer on her first birthday. She would have to undergo extensive chemo and radiation treatments. Concentrating and studying became very difficult for Elizabeth after the long days and late nights she spent with Catie after her numerous surgeries.

"I couldn't have done it without my mentor", Elizabeth says. "She was encouraging and supportive every step of the way. In fact, she regularly checked on Catie to see how she was doing and how surgery went."

Their relationship became even stronger when they met in person at graduation. Elizabeth was looking for the lady with the long hair she always saw in pictures. When her mentor approached her with short hair, she hugged Elizabeth while telling her that she had cut 11 inches of her hair off that week and donated it, in Catie's honor, to "Locks of Love". It is an organization that collects donated hair (10 inches or more) to make wigs for cancer patients.

Five months after Catie passed away, Elizabeth graduated with her master of education degree in learning and technology. "Having my studies online is the only way I could have gone back to school," said Elizabeth. "I teach full-time, play piano for a church and teach private piano lessons, but most importantly, I wanted to be with Catie as much as I could."

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