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Roger Jerman, M.A. in Teaching Science Student

Roger Jerman

Roger Jerman has been climbing to the highest mountain tops throughout his entire life. Not only has he climbed 26 of the 50 highest points in the United States, he is currently climbing an academic mountain by earning an online Master's of Arts in Science Education (5-12) at Western Governors University (WGU). Roger is the recipient of the Qwest-WGU Excellence in Education Scholarship, which may be the most rewarding climb so far.

"Without the scholarship, I would not have the means to earn this higher degree and achieve my goal of teaching in a more advanced institution," Roger said, "And for my family, it means we can have more earning power and the ability to help send my children to college."

As the recipient of the Qwest-WGU Excellence in Education Scholarship, he was awarded $5,000, to use in $1,000 increments per six-month term. Eligibility requires a bachelor's degree and valid teaching license. The scholarship is awarded based on the candidate's academic record, readiness for online study, current competency, and other considerations. Roger was extremely pleased to find out he was the lucky recipient.

He earned his bachelor's degree from Weber State University, and then found WGU for his master's degree while searching on the internet. Roger says that WGU is the perfect institution for him because of its high standards, accreditations, and the designed coursework that fits around his work schedule. He said, "The people [at WGU] are very accessible, and it is wonderfully convenient to [complete school] work from home at any hour."

Roger currently resides in American Fork, Utah, with his wife and six children: Brett, 18; Jason, 14; Kayleigh, 12; Ruth, 10; Zac, 7; and Amy, 4. The family also has a tabby cat named Tiger and a Border collie named Tucker. He teaches the sixth grade at Lone Peak Elementary School, specializing in science and hopes to teach at the college level once he finishes his degree at WGU.

Roger and his family love to go bicycling, camping and hiking in their spare time. In 2006, Roger, his two sons and his 78-year-old father went on a 270-mile bicycle ride from Santaquin, Utah, to St. George, Utah. The rest of the family followed in a support vehicle for the four-day expedition. Roger and his father have also hiked and climbed across the Grand Canyon three times, the entire length of Zion National Park, and all the way around Yellowstone Lake. Roger is reaching the highest peaks both physically and mentally through his active lifestyle and by earning his master's degree at WGU. Nothing will get in the way of Roger achieving his dreams and climbing to the highest peaks.

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