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Trudy Sutherland

Trudy Sutherland

Trudy Sutherland was able to achieve her dream of teaching internationally with the help of WGU. After more than 18 years working as a court administrator, Trudy decided she wanted to make a career change and become a teacher. She says, "WGU gave me the flexibility as a working professional to earn a degree which would open the door to a more positive career in teaching, one more reflective of the future."

"WGU is accredited and provides the opportunity for online learning which is keeping up with a very modern and sophisticated technological world," Trudy says. "My mentor worked with me at every level to ensure that I completed my degree and teacher certification. He contacted me weekly to ensure I was on target and assisted me in working out any problems that surfaced."

Trudy completed her Bachelor of Arts in Social Science (5-12) in November 2007, and then joined her husband who is on assignment in Beijing, China. Trudy has been teaching social studies for four years in the Middle East and is currently substitute teaching at the International School of Beijing in the People's Republic of China. She believes it is rewarding to see how hard students work to get an education and what a difference education makes in their lives. "Now that I have worked internationally, I understand that American schools produce students with ideas that move the world forward, and I understand how much our country gives to the world," she says.

Although Trudy loves teaching in China, she is looking forward to teaching at home in Richmond, Texas. Trudy is the mother of one daughter, Ferrah, who has also pursued a career in teaching. In her spare time in China, Trudy loves to visit the dirt market in Beijing and watch people sell their goods. She also loves to play with her toy poodle, Xiou. Trudy also loves to travel and says that WGU has allowed her to see the world. According to Trudy , "In the few years I have been working internationally, I have visited Greece, Amsterdam, Qatar, Turkey, Egypt, Oman, Jordan, UAE, Africa and China. WGU has helped me accomplish a childhood dream!"

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