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Roger Osborne

Roger Osborne is a full-time Information systems supervisor, a part-time business entrepreneur, a husband and a father to four girls. Spare time is not something that happens often. Despite his busy schedule, Roger made sacrifices to complete his degree at WGU in just one six-month term.

A few weeks before he completed his final tasks, Roger was talking to his youngest daughter at breakfast. When he told her he was only two projects away from finishing his degree, she let out the typical little girl shrill. She was almost as excited as he was about finishing his degree for the very same reason he was. "Because, Dad, I've missed playing with you!" she told him.

That moment solidified why he started this journey in the first place. As every father does, he wanted to provide his children with a better future and show them that any dream can be a reality. Even if that means facing their biggest fear.

For Roger, his personal Goliath was math. It stood between him and a degree for more than 20 years and now as a requirement in his degree , there was no way around it. He had dreams and visions of his WGU mentor telling him there was no hope and he had wasted his time. But that never happened.

"My mentor gave me the much-needed guidance and direction that encouraged me to finish this assessment," he said. "Before I knew it, I had slain the beast that had haunted me all those years."

Roger attended WGU's summer commencement ceremony in Salt Lake City where he was one of the graduate speakers. He shared one of the greatest accomplishments of his life—his college graduation—with his peers, wife and mentor.

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