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Scott Smith

"If I can do it, anyone can," Scott Smith said about going back to college. As a father of seven, a husband, a little league coach, the vice president for a major regional company, and being actively involved in his church, Scott had a very busy schedule.

Even though he had a good job, Scott felt his education needed to match his present role as the vice president of his company, so he decided to get his MBA. Scott wanted to find a program where he could work at his own pace and could bring his 20 years of business knowledge and experience to the table. That's why he chose WGU's competency-based MBA online. Scott said, "I learned new things at WGU, but I also didn't waste time re-hashing what I already knew."

There were times during the program when Scott felt he had too much on his plate to finish his degree, but he always got the encouragement he needed. He said, "Everyone at WGU was positive and encouraging and were always reminding me that I could do it."

After the completion of his degree, Scott was offered a night job teaching retail marketing at Western Washington University. His students gave him one of the highest rankings possible at the end of the term. "Teaching at the university level has always been a dream of mine," Scott said. "Now with my degree, I can do it without quitting my day job."

Scott lives in Ferndale, Washington, with his wife and seven children. Scott is proud to be the first in his family to earn an MBA and to show his children the importance of an education. "I don't have to tell my kids how important an education is anymore because they saw what I was willing to give up to earn my degree." Scott said, "By my actions they know how important it is."

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