Graduate Profile

Stefanie Kelly

New Jersey resident Stefanie Kelly always wanted to pursue a marketing degree, however there never seemed to be enough time. "There were always kids to take care of, jobs to work and friends to accommodate," said Stefanie. "When I decided to join the WGU family, I realized that I can do and have it all."

Western Governors University was the perfect solution. The flexibility was what she needed to accommodate her schedule. "I would also recommend WGU to others because of the great financial aspect to it," Stefanie remarked. "Not only is the school very rewarding, but it is also very affordable."

WGU's tuition is flat rate tuition per term, which is six months long. Depending on the degree, it can range from $2,890 to $3,250 per six months.

Working as a quality associate for Bristol Myers Squibb, Stefanie feels her education is priceless. Upon receiving her bachelor of science degree in marketing management, she experienced a significant increase in pay.

She is very proud of what she accomplished and knows she is a good role model for her two sons, Corey and Brandon. "They can now learn from my own experience on how important school is and what it can do to improve one's future," Stefanie said.

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