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Leila Crouse

Leila Crouse and her family

For several years, Leila Crouse thought that being the first person in her family to earn a bachelor’s degree was enough—she declared that she would never go back to school. After graduating, she began working for California Social Services, helping abused children. A few years later, her career took a different path when she went to work for health department, focusing on public health education. In that role, Leila developed a passion for education and prevention.

“I started to crave more knowledge in my field, but the thought of going back to school was not an easy one,” said Leila. By this time, Leila was married and a mom to four children. “I had many concerns about accreditation and costs, but I was most concerned about taking time away from my family.” For more than a decade, Leila searched unsuccessfully for schools that could accommodate her situation. Her employer didn’t accept online degrees, and the master’s degree program she wanted was rare at the time. She found one program at another online university that seemed to fit and decided to enroll. Unfortunately, the program didn’t provide Leila with the guidance and direction she needed, and she eventually dropped out.

Leila was determined not to give up—she found WGU and learned about a unique program in their new College of Health Professions. She enrolled in WGU’s Master of Science Degree program in Health Education, hoping that it wasn’t too good to be true.

“I have learned that distance learning is much harder than traditional schools,” Leila stated. “WGU made my educational goals attainable. The mentors are vital, and the program is credible. I have no doubt that this degree will open new doors for me. I did it!”

Leila was one of the first graduates of WGU’s College of Health Professions and is currently teaching health education classes at a community college in Southern California.

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