Graduate Profile

Vicki Dippner-Robertson

M.S. Nursing—Education Graduate, Tenet

Vicki Dippner-Robertson

Vicki Dippner-Robertson has been a nurse for nearly 40 years. In her lengthy career she served as a nurse in the Vietnam War, was Chief Nurse in an outpost clinic with no doctors in an Eskimo community in the Canadian Arctic, and worked at Stanford’s open heart transplant center. She specializes in emergency nursing and is a board certified nurse midwife. Adding to her impressive career, she is currently a clinical educator for Desert Regional Medical Center, a Tenet hospital in Palm Springs, California, and recently finished the M.S. in Nursing—Education program at Western Governors University.

After a visit from a WGU representative and a plenty of research about the school, Vicki says she was impressed by WGU’s philosophy and learning model. “The educators are there for one reason; they are there because they love to teach and they are wonderful facilitators. [WGU’s] mentor program is incredible,” Vicki said. “Many times I felt like throwing in the towel, but my mentor had the right words of wisdom to keep me on track. I learned a lot and I think WGU is a step above other universities.”

Vicki is responsible for educating new nurses at her hospital and finished her degree alongside several colleagues earning their bachelor’s degrees. “We’ve had a lot of people at this hospital choose WGU,” said Vicki.

While Vicki feels that going back to school while working full time was stressful, she is glad that she was able to show younger nurses that it is possible and worth it. “I have more ammunition behind me with these credentials, it validates who I am and gives me a little bit more credibility,” said Vicki. “It is the crowning glory of my career to graduate at my age with an MSN—it’s never too late.”

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