Ohio Community College Grads Find Further Success at WGU

Selena Fluker
Graduate, Cuyahoga Community College
WGU student, B.S. Nursing

“Take a leap of faith and go for it!”

Selena Fluker Earning my degree has been a long time coming! Around 2002, while working in accounts payable, I decided I needed a part-time job. I had recently read a book about hospice through the eyes of caregivers and family, and decided to look into State Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA) classes. Cuyahoga Community College has a non-degree corporate college that offers certificate-based classes in various subjects and offered a four-week evening class to become a STNA.

This was the beginning of a life-changing as well as career-changing event in my life. What I enjoyed about this environment was the diversity of the students, the structured lessons, and that the class fit into my work schedule. The instructor of the class was very instrumental in pushing me into a career in healthcare. She was an African American RN, and very thorough and knowledgeable in teaching this course. I was impressed and inspired by her example that I could strive to fulfill my destiny—and so began my journey into nursing.

I’m currently an RN working for a nonprofit hospice organization; I’m in assessment. Many jobs are now requiring this higher degree (BSN) for nursing positions I am interested in pursuing.

WGU’s online program came highly recommended from other RN friends who obtained their BSN or MSN. It has been a struggle trying to balance and juggle other aspects in my life. Time management is a problem at times; I am continuously trying to improve in that area. What makes this WGU experience unique is various levels of support made available to help me succeed. I especially like the ease of learning at your own pace.

Obtaining this degree as an African American woman will enhance my marketability and professional growth. On a personal level, I will have a sense of accomplishment.

What would I tell someone who is considering earning a degree from WGU? I would encourage them to take a leap of faith and go for it! I would share my experience of success!

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