Ohio Community College Grads Find Further Success at WGU

Amanda Griffin
Graduate, Clark State Community College
WGU student, B.S. Nursing

“By the time I went to get my RN, it was important to be able to do everything else that life required, which is also why WGU was an amazing way to get my BSN.”

I have been in homecare for most of my career. I worked as a home health aide initially, then started doing on-call over the weekends for them and eventually working internally as the human resources director. I was an STNA for many years prior to getting my nursing license, and I truly believe working as an aide should be a requirement for all nurses. I am currently the RN Case Manager for my area, but I also had my own company for several years.

Amanda Griffin I started my nursing career by receiving my LPN certificate at Miami Valley Career Technology Center in Clayton, Ohio and went back to get my RN at Clark State Community College in Springfield, Ohio. Out of high school, I attended Ohio University and then Wright State but neither of them felt like "home" to me. When I attended Clark State, I knew it was right. I enjoyed the small classes, the small campus, and the ability to live in the town where I grew up while working and going to school.

I knew I wanted to keep going to school. Originally, when I started looking at BSN degrees it was with the intention of continuing to get my DNP and to work as a nurse practitioner. I looked at every university I could get information on, including local ones. WGU was perfect because it was flexible for my schedule and affordable. I could use grants to pay for most of it, which is extremely rare in the online university world. After looking into it more, I knew it was the perfect match.

By the time I went to get my RN, I had a 5-year-old son and it was important to be able to do everything else that life required, which is also why WGU was an amazing way to get my BSN. I was able to work on school work anytime it was good for me. I could take my finals as soon as my student mentor and I felt as though I was ready, so I knew as long as I worked hard, I could move as quickly through the program as I wanted to.

Getting my BSN is a stepping stone in the bigger picture. I plan on going back to get my master’s or doctorate, but I'm not sure what I want to take yet. I know that no matter what, this degree will open doors for me and allow me to be a well-rounded, educated nurse.

Go to WGU and make a change in your life! It will make you realize how amazing you are and how much you can do!

Think about this: “Don't be worried about the time it will take; the time will pass anyway.” I heard that one day and it was so eye-opening. The time will pass—better that when it passes you've completed a degree.

I feel so relieved to have completed [my degree]. I just know that there are doors to be opened now and I need to figure out my next step. It's an exciting feeling to know that the world is at my feet and I can go anywhere from here. You can too!

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