Ohio Community College Grads Find Further Success at WGU

Naomi Miller
Graduate, Northwest State Community College
WGU student, B.A. Special Education (K–12)

“It is my dedication to reach my goal of earning a degree that often drives me to step outside of my comfort zone.”

Naomi Miller I attended Northwest State Community College in Archbold, Ohio, from August 2013 to December 2015, earning my Associate of Arts degree. The college environment was unique because I had the option to take some classes entirely online, attend hybrid classes (one session a week on campus and complete assignments online), and other classes I had to attend on campus in the evening.

Attending a community college gave me a wonderful experience of college life on a smaller scale than a large university. Due to smaller class sizes, there was real interaction between instructors and students, as well as among students, especially when working on group assignments or presentations.

I am currently a classroom supervisor for a nonprofit autism-specific school. The director of my school would like to retire in five years, and offered me her position if I would go back to school to get my bachelor’s degree. After researching my options, WGU was the best choice to complete my goal.

WGU fits into my busy life because I can work at my own pace by setting my deadlines for course completion. If I am struggling with course content, I don’t feel pressured by predetermined deadlines. If I am comfortable with course content, I can work through at a quicker pace than I would be able to at a traditional higher education institution.

I would encourage anyone interested in earning a degree to attend WGU. WGU offers flexibility to individuals who are pursuing their degree that can’t be found in other places. Student Mentors and Course Mentors are always available and eager to help students achieve their goals. Financially, it is cost-effective because the extra fees associated with a traditional university are not present. Time-wise, attending WGU is beneficial to individuals who are working and/or raising a family because there isn’t the scheduling conflict that often arises from a traditional institution of higher education.

My degree will allow me to still be involved in a specialized learning environment with the added responsibilities of overseeing the entire operation. My family will benefit from the added financial security. Earning my degree will give me the knowledge and skills that I need to advance in my profession as well as grow as an individual.

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