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A Late Bloomer: Dolores Northrup

Dolores Northrup

A late bloomer, Dolores Northrup didn’t become a registered nurse until the age of 34. A native of Canada, she was lured to Texas by the shortage of nurses there. After working as a nurse in a hospital for 12 years, Dolores was ready to consider moving into nursing education.

“To move into nurse education, I knew I would need to get both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree,” Dolores said. The first step for Dolores, was to earn her BSN. “The biggest question for me was how I was going to go to school full time and still maintain my full-time position as a nurse.”

After a bumpy start, not being able to find a program that would fit her lifestyle, Dolores was introduced to WGU. An employee of Hospital Corporation of America (HCA)—a member of WGU’s National Advisory Board—Northrup received an email introducing WGU’s online programs.

“I started reading testimonials from students and graduates of the various programs and knew immediately that the competency-based approach was ideal for me,” she stated. “I would be able to use the knowledge and skills that I had acquired in my 12-year career as an RN and apply it to further my education. The fact that I wouldn’t have to change my work schedule was a big bonus!

“Whether you are just starting out or continuing on in your education, WGU is waiting to help you meet your goals. The dedication and sacrifices are more than worth it.”

Dolores has re-enrolled at WGU and is working toward her online nursing degree. She is the recipient of a scholarship through the WGU Nursing Partners Scholarship Fund.

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