Ohio Community College Grads Find Further Success at WGU

Sarah Wright
Graduate, Lorain County Community College
WGU student, B.S. Nursing

“I was motivated to attend WGU because I see how my opportunities skyrocket with a bachelor’s degree.”

Sarah Wright I took courses at Lorain County Community College as a young single mom. I loved the independence I experienced while choosing my courses and making my own schedule. Work-study afforded me a way to be more involved with the college, students, and faculty. You also get to work closer with your peers that you probably would if you went to a larger college.

I have been a registered nurse for seven years. I started in Medical/Surg/Peds and transferred to Family Birth Center a year ago. I also started a photography business during my time in college and have continued to run a wedding photography business for 10 years.

I was motivated to attend WGU because I see how my opportunities skyrocket with a bachelor’s degree. I feel like I can make a big difference in the family birth setting by encouraging more homeopathic and connected experience around childbirth and postpartum care. WGU will guide me to the tools and confidence I need to be a successful leader and advocate in naturalizing the hospital childbirth or other ventures I take.

The flexibility of WGU really fits my lifestyle. I thought it was cool to make my own schedule for community college, and now I can really afford myself that option on a weekly basis. As a nurse, I never have the same day off every week. Being able to complete classes online at my own pace is terrific. If I am struggling with material, I have time to look into it more and not worry about the class moving on and leaving me behind. On the other hand, if I am competent in that specific module, I can get through it and move through the course faster.

If you are even thinking about WGU, call them! I was hesitant about going back to school after eight years. I worried about trying to fit it into my schedule. I am surprised by how manageable it is to go back to school while having three kids, working full time as a nurse, and managing a photography business. My schedule is tight, but I can literally use every minute I have devoted to school, for school. There is no time wasted driving to school, waiting for the teacher to start, and driving home.

Earning my degree has encouraged me to become more confident in patient education and my ability to advocate for better patient care practices. Having a degree will impact my family’s life in a big way. We would like to move out of state in the next couple of years, and having a bachelor’s degree will make it much easier for me to find a job.

I am going to feel proud to have my bachelor’s degree. I hope to gain skills and knowledge that will help me to promote healthy childbirth and infant care practices at a hospital or in a community I work with.

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