WGU is a Nonprofit University

WGU is built on the founding principles of responsiveness to employment and societal needs, competency-based education, the expansion of access to higher education, technology infrastructure, and cost-effectiveness.

Nothing is more central to meeting these principles and fulfilling the university’s mission than WGU’s status as a nonprofit university.

What Does It Mean to Be Nonprofit?

Nonprofit (or not-for-profit) means WGU is not in the business of making money. Since WGU is a private institution, we’re not beholden to making profits to appease stockholders.

Simply, we’re in the business of producing highly competent graduates, and nothing else.

What Nonprofit Means to You

At WGU, nonprofit means so much more than just saving money. It stands for a strong, valuable investment. With no profits and no stockholders, WGU invests time and resources where it matters most: you, the student.

Here’s how WGU invests in your success:

  • We establish “Fit” up front — WGU Enrollment Counselors are not paid on commission. We emphasize the word “Counselor,” focusing on ensuring you are the right fit for WGU and WGU is the right fit for you.
  • We invest our money so you don’t have to (as much) — WGU offers low tuition, which means less debt for you upon graduation. The online, nonprofit university also invests in a variety of scholarships that make WGU even more affordable. (WGU also receives funding for scholarships from government and private business institutions.)
  • We focus on graduation, not tuition — Our Promise Statement says it all: WGU gives you the means to achieve your dreams for a degree and career success. You, and your educational and career goals, are our focus. Your success is our goal.
  • We don’t rely on handouts — WGU is completely self-sufficient on our low tuition, so the university requires zero taxpayer dollars to operate. The university has received grant money from state and government entities in the past to build and revise programs that meet today’s employment and societal needs.

WGU was created to expand access to higher education through online, competency-based degree programs. Our mission has remained one of helping hard-working adults meet their educational goals and improve their career opportunities. Being a nonprofit institution is essential to fulfill this mission.

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