Committed to making you a highly competent graduate

Western Governors University is specifically designed to help adult learners like you fit college into your already busy lives. Returning to college is a challenge. Yet, tens of thousands of working adults are doing it. There’s no reason you can’t be one of them.

We believe in your ability to succeed, as well as our ability to help you succeed. We can make, with confidence, the following commitments to you:

Commitment 1: You’ll Learn What You Need to Succeed

Success in your career will always be based on what you know and what you can do. Success at WGU is based on these same principles. WGU’s academic approach is fundamentally “competency-based,” meaning you earn your degree by demonstrating your skills and knowledge in required subject areas through a series of carefully designed assessments (tests, projects, essays, etc.).

When you graduate with an online degree from WGU, your diploma will mean you’ve mastered the essential skills and knowledge the workplace demands.

Commitment 2: You’ll Enjoy Flexibility That Fits Your Busy Life

WGU was created with you—the adult learner—in mind. You need to juggle life, work, family, and school. At WGU, you can do it.

WGU’s programs are delivered online to allow learning to occur more on your schedule. You’re able to “log on” and learn at anytime—day or night, from home, work, your kid’s soccer game—wherever and whenever.

Online doesn’t mean easy. You can expect to work hard—successful students spend 20 hours per week on average. Under the guidance of a mentor, however, you can make your education fit your lifestyle. That’s online learning “WGU style.”

Commitment 3: You’ll be Given the Opportunity to Accelerate Your Program

At WGU we believe you should benefit from what you already know.

Your experience is a tremendous asset. So is your prior education. WGU is about competence, not seat time. If you already have skills and knowledge in your field of study, that’s great. You’ll be able to draw upon this experience as you complete assessments—and go faster.

Unlike other traditional colleges and online universities, at WGU we never require you to spend time (or money) studying material you’ve already mastered.

Commitment 4: You’ll Receive Continuous Support

You’ll never feel alone at WGU. Even though you’ll be at a distance, we make sure you always feel supported and connected. Everyone at the university is committed to making your WGU experience enjoyable as well as enlightening.

You’ll have the personal support of a mentor. Your mentor will be your personal point of contact and your guide throughout the duration of your program. You’ll stay in close touch with your mentor (often weekly) via phone and email. (In fact, many students experience more interaction with mentors as well as classmates than they ever did in traditional classroom settings.) Your mentor will ensure that you stay on track.

Quite simply, your mentor is committed to your success.

Commitment 5: Your Program Will be Affordable

A quality education shouldn’t cost a fortune. That’s why we keep tuition affordable. In fact, you’ll find that WGU’s tuition is less than half what other reputable online universities charge. And when you consider the potential of accelerating your program—you pay for the time, not per credit hour—you could save thousands.

Learn more about WGU tuition and fees.

Commitment 6: You’ll Benefit From Your Degree… and So Will Your Family

A higher salary, enhanced job security, the opportunity for advancement or career change, and the chance to set a great example for your kids are just a few of the many benefits you’ll enjoy as a WGU graduate.

After all, the value of your degree is ultimately determined by how it benefits you both personally and professionally. You should also expect to have a strong sense of pride and accomplishment when you’re finished.

Still wondering if WGU is the best online university for you?

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