A Difference - M Lewis-Czulada

 Michelle Lewis-Czulada

Submitted by: M Lewis-Czulada (Bachelor of Arts Interdisciplinary Studies (K-8))

As I finish my online degree at WGU I am working as a summer camp teacher.  I am responsible for 16 kids (4-5 year olds) and I have a teenager helper.  I enjoy watching her read to the kids and the kids love being read to by her.  When I took this picture originally, I did it for a memory book I am making for my teenage helper, but I found that it was fitting for this submission as well.  My first thought was "WGU helps me help them make a difference in the lives of others."  But due to not wanting to write a whole lot on the image, I simplified it to read "Western Governors University helps me make a difference."  I have always enjoyed photography and have used this medium as a way to document memories.

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