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Associate of Science

and Information Assurance Degree

United States Naval Community College


Defend Our National Security with a Cybersecurity Degree through WGU


Adversaries and cybercriminals launch new, sophisticated computer viruses, malware, and scams every day that threaten the secure communications and information systems our national security and military operations depend on. WGU's online degree in cybersecurity will help prepare you for the front line of defense to protect against malicious actors.  The USNCC Cybersecurity and Information Assurance program through WGU provides a solid background in IT security principles such as:

  • Cyber Defense and Countermeasures
  • Network and Information Security
  • Scripting and Programming
  • Digital Forensics

WGU’s online A.S. Cybersecurity and Information Assurance degree program was designed with input from cybersecurity experts and leading IT employers to meet the most recent Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and National Security Agency (NSA) guidelines. This program has also helped WGU receive the designation of a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense  through 2026.

The WGU cybersecurity program boasts 6 top certifications built into the IT degree program that won't add time or additional costs—but will prepare you for your military career and beyond!

NOTE: USNCC limitations may apply to the Program Guide, Program Plan, and Transfer Guidelines.

Why WGU?

On Your Schedule

No class times, no assignment deadlines. You are in charge of your learning and your schedule. You can move through your courses as quickly as you can master the material, meaning you can graduate faster.

Full Suite of Support Services

WGU has deep experience serving learners from a wide range of professional and academic backgrounds. Our instruction, coaching, tutoring, and career resources will help you complete your program and reach your goals.

Entirely Online

Our cybersecurity associate degree is entirely online, which means it works wherever you are. You can do your coursework at night after work, on weekends, while you're on vacation—it's entirely up to you.


Cybersecurity Courses

Program consists of 18 courses.

The Associate of Science in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance program helps you develop your skills in cybersecurity policy, software assurance, network defense, and programming including scripting.

A Professional Certificate in “Network and Cyber Defense Foundations” is an embedded part of the degree program and provides you with a professionally-relevant certificate that helps set you apart as a leader in information security, network security, web development, scripting, programming, and digital forensics. 

Completion of these courses includes six CompTIA certificates and you’ll also complete general education requirements that round out your critical thinking and communication skills.

The USNCC Cybersecurity degree is immediately transferable into WGU’s Cybersecurity and Information Assurance Bachelors degree program.

Web Development
Secure Systems Analysis & Design
Digital Forensics and Incident Response
Hacking Countermeasures and Techniques
Network and Security
IT Fundamentals
Scripting and Programming
General Education

Accredited, Respected,

One important measure of a degree’s value is the reputation of the university where it was earned. When employers, industry leaders, and academic experts hold your alma mater in high esteem, you reap the benefits of that respect. WGU is a pioneer in reinventing higher education for the 21st century, and our quality has been recognized.


3rd Party Certifications Included


This associate degree program includes 3rd party certifications and certificates, at no additional cost. Students can earn the WGU Network and Cyber Defense Foundations certificate, which includes six industry certifications from CompTIA.

These certifications help enhance your skills and give you critical experience that will benefit you the military and beyond. 

  • A+
  • Network+
  • Security+
  • CySA+
  • Secure Infrastructure Specialist
  • Security Analytics Professional 
  • Network and Cyber Defense Foundations


A Different Way to Learn: Degree Programs Designed to Fit Your Life—and All the Demands on Your Time

Professional responsibilities. Family obligations. Personal commitments. At WGU, we understand schedules are tight and often unpredictable for adult students. That’s why we offer a flexible, personalized approach to how education should be. No rigid class schedules. Just a solid, career-focused teaching program that meshes with your current lifestyle. You'll be challenged. You'll work hard. But if you commit yourself and put in the hours needed, WGU makes it possible for you to earn a highly respected degree as a busy working adult.

"Honestly, for my lifestyle and career path, WGU has been the best. I've been working in IT for over 20 years. The classes were, for the most part, directly tied to my experience, which made it easier. The certifications are great. Each instructor was helpful as needed and the resources that the program offers are very helpful.”

B.S. Cybersecurity and Information Assurance