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Testimonials from WGU Students and Alumni

We All Have A Story

Every student at WGU has a unique story—a story that led them to WGU with the goal of changing their life by earning a degree. Stories have the power to inspire, uplift, and motivate when you’re ready to make a change in your own life. If you’re not sure a degree will make a difference or need a little encouragement before you embark on a life-changing journey towards a degree, you’re in the right place. Check out these success stories from WGU grads.

WGU Grad Lands Dream Job at Nintendo

“I am applying almost everything I learned in my MBA to what I’m doing in my day-to-day at Nintendo."

Colleagues Convince Fellow Teacher to Go to WGU

From Dropout to Dream Job with WGU

Alumni Highlights

2023 Distinguished Graduates

These 25 WGU alumni are examples of inspiration and dedication. Their work and volunteer efforts go above and beyond, making a significant impact in their communities and career fields.

The 2023 Sage Coach: Our Grads are Going Places

WGU is celebrating graduates across the country!

Inspiring Student Stories

New York Teacher Changing Young Lives with WGU Teaching Degree

Get to know Bency Pierre, a WGU grad changing lives as a teacher.

WGU Grad Uses Degree to Better Her Community

Meet Qu’Teaus, a resilient mother of three using her WGU degree to change lives.

White House Cybersecurity Lead Shares Career Journey

Learn how federal cybersecurity professional and USMC veteran Nick Andersen advanced his career to the White House.

Teacher Heroes–Award Winning Educators Change Lives

WGU shines a spotlight on four award-winning teachers who’ve stepped up during the pandemic.

Nurse Heroes–Health Professionals Change Lives

Celebrate nurse heroes by honoring four WGU graduates making a difference in their communities.

Military Spouse Earns Two Degrees Amid Busy Life

See how a military member and his wife were able to change their lives with a degree from WGU.

Earning His Wings and a Bachelor's Degree to Boot

Learn how WGU gave Cesar Zayas the wings to get promoted in the Air Force.

From the Trauma of War to the Triumph of a College Degree

Army veteran and business grad shares how WGU helped him rise above his disability and earn his degree.

No Obstacles: How a New Mom and Military Spouse Earned Her Degree

Learn tips from an Air Force military spouse on how to earn your bachelor’s or master’s degree online.

WGU Grad Creates Innovative Classroom Spaces

Discover how one WGU grad is using her degree to create innovative classroom spaces where every child can thrive.

Utah Royals Goalkeeper Pursues Love of Learning

WGU helps the goalkeeper for the Utah Royals earn her MBA while traveling and playing professional soccer.

From Autism Diagnosis to Special Education Teacher

See how one WGU grad was able to take her autism diagnosis and turn it into a future in special education.

From Foster Care to College Grad: Woman Beats Odds

See how one WGU grad was able to overcome monumental challenges to earn a degree and change her future.

Colleagues Convince Fellow Teacher to Go to WGU

See how one WGU grad was inspired to start her educational journey by fellow teachers on a leadership team.

WGU Grad Aims to Leave Her Mark on Healthcare

See how one WGU grad overcame obstacles to earn her degree and find her passion.

WGU Grad Lands Dream Job at Nintendo

See how one WGU grad landed his dream job at Nintendo after earning his WGU degree.

From Failure to Chief Banking Officer with WGU

Discover how Josh Pape was able to go from college failure to chief banking officer with the help of WGU.

Mayor and Three-Time WGU Grad Embodies Grit

Discover how this WGU grad went above and beyond to change her life and earn her degrees.

WGU Nursing Grads on the Front Lines of COVID-19

Discover how two WGU nursing grads are doing in the face of COVID-19.

WGU Grads Helping With Human Trafficking Prevention

Discover how two WGU grads are using their skills to help fight human trafficking in their communities.

Four Family Members, Seven Degrees, One University

Discover how WGU can change not only the life of an individual, but of an entire family.

Cybersecurity Pro Paves Way for Future Women Tech Leaders

Kara earned a degree in cybersecurity and now uses her two master's degrees interchangeably with her work.

'The Voice' Finalist Says Degree led to Top 5 Album

Read Angie's own story of rising to stardom from overcoming loss, taking chances, and making her dreams come true.

True Stories from Women in IT

Here's a look at two women who have forged a path in the IT industry–and made their mark along the way.

Grad's Past Propelled Him to a Health Career

See how Solomon Torrescano was able to overcome his past, and get the degree he needed to help others in the future.

WGU Grad Helps Small-Town Hospital Avoid Closure

Discover how Sarah Aronack was able to take her degree from WGU and help her small-town hospital avoid closure.

How One Man Uses Flip Flops to Change the World

Matt Griffin uses conscious capitalism to make the world a better place, one pair of shoes at a time.

Ohioan Overcomes Foster Care Odds to Get MBA

Jeremy refused to let any social stigmas determine his future and he used his challenges to drive him forward.

Fusing Dance and Education to Reach Underserved Kids

"Someone did it for me. So I really wanted to be the person to do it for someone else. That's everything for me."

How One Nurse Built a Global Nursing Career

From emergency nurse to running his own multi-million dollar company, this is Jeff Solheim's story.

The No. 1 Lesson from a Woman Who Became a CEO at 20

The #1 thing she needed to be a good leader was the respect of her employees. Here's how she earned it.

From Military to Everyday Hero: Man Dedicates Life to Service

Everyday hero Nathan Siebach earned his master's degree in a unique environment–online and mostly while deployed.

The Lesson That Took This Man to the NCAA and Beyond

Chris Woods shares a few words his father taught that have helped shape his life, both academically and athletically.

Why Saving One Man's Life Changed this Nurse's Career

She'd been a nurse for a long time, but this experience changed everything.

How an MBA Led this Exec to his Dream Job at MGM

Find out why a successful ad executive decided to pursue an MBA mid-career.

WGU Grad, NASCAR Rookie of the Year: Molly Helmuth

Female race car drivers have to work harder to stay out front. Let Molly's story inspire you.

SPED Teacher's Disability Bonds Her to Students

A special education teacher suddenly found herself needing help for her own disability.

Rashaan Green: From Dropout to Dream Job

Discover how Rashaan Green overcame being a high school dropout to getting two WUG degrees.

From Competitive Runner to Running a Department

Connie Washington has always relied on her competitive mindset to defy expectations and achieve success.