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Character Education Professional Learning-Teachers

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The Importance of Next-Generation Educators Catalyzing Character Education

Professor James Arthur, Director of the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues at the University of Birmingham; Dr. Beth Purvis, Senior Program Director of the Education & Character Program of the Kern Family Foundation; and Dr. Mark Milliron, Senior Vice President & Executive Dean of the WGU Teachers College, discuss the central role that character education plays in preparing students to “Live well in a world worth living in.” Session participants define character education in the context of our current society and highlight how an intentional focus on character in action fosters a school where character extends beyond its borders and into a community that thrives and flourishes.

WGU's CEPL Program

WGU Teachers College is offering a national online character education professional learning program for K-12 teachers (CEPL-T) to support them in building schools of character. The CEPL-T program is designed as 4 self-service online microcredentials for teachers to complete at their own pace. A Certificate in Character Education is awarded once all microcredentials are completed.

Program Outcomes

Teachers are prepared to:

  • Become character educators
  • Develop and apply knowledge of and skills in the formation and education of character
  • Integrate and model character in their teaching practice, classroom activities and throughout the school community
  • Develop course/class/lesson strategies to implement with their students
  • Leverage the use of technology aligned to ISTE Educator and Student standards for professional growth, academic success and character formation
  • Use tech enabled curriculum to integrate character education into on-site and online learning 
* International Society for Technology in Education
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Program Details

The CEPL-E program is supported by an online community where principals engage in discussions, share learnings and practices, and vet and iterate ideas. 

It will be available to principals and teachers long after they complete their CEPL program, for continued learning and growth, and rich exchanges with colleagues around the country.

Complete all 4 online self-paced microcredentials and obtain a Certificate in Character Education:

Microcredential 1 The What and Why of Character Education
The What and Why of Character Education microcredential introduces teachers to key concepts, tools, and resources to reflect on their own personal character as they become teachers of character. Teachers will identify areas of personal strength and areas of growth related to personal character. Teachers will also analyze the learning environment and self-reflect on how their own mindset contributes to the classroom, school, and community culture.

Microcredential 2 Charting the Path to Becoming a CharacterEducator
The Charting the Path to Becoming a Character Educator microcredential provides teachers with the opportunity to consider the prosocial impact of their work to formulate a personal learning plan for self-improvement and professional growth. Teachers will create an inclusive classroom of character where character-based language and the school’s core virtues are practiced and modeled for students to be their best and most successful self.

Microcredential 3  Embedding Character Virtues into Curriculum, Instructional Practices, and Classroom Activities
The Embedding Character Virtues into Curriculum, Instructional Practices, and Classroom Activities microcredential enforces a comprehensive and intentional approach to character development. Teachers will learn how to conduct a curriculum analysis to identify opportunities to integrate a character focus into existing curriculum and programs. Teachers will integrate character formation into disciplines and practices, for the purpose of creating and incorporating meaningful and challenging components to curriculum that develop character traits in students.

Microcredential 4 Leading Character Education in and out of the Classroom
The Leading Character Education in and out of the Classroom microcredential provides teachers with the resources to create plans for building virtue literacy to enhance the development of character in students including the appreciation for all levels of diversity. Teachers will construct an inspirational task or project to engage students across socio-economic, racial, gender, religious, and ideological differences and demonstrate that every individual has a voice that matters, that will be heard, and that will make a difference.

Each microcredential (MC) is comprised of two parts, utilizing a competency based approach:

  • Section 1: development and capacity building in character (learning, knowing)
  • Section 2: putting skills and knowledge into practice (doing, being)

The curriculum for the 4-MC series is intentionally sequenced:

  • MC-1: Learning about character education and the readiness and capacity to implement character education
  • MC-2: Setting the stage with knowledge and data about character, school, and classroom
  • MC-3: Implementing character education and putting core character virtues into action
  • MC-4: Accounting for character work, progress toward targets, and planning for the future

The program takes an assets-based approach that celebrates the diversity, individuality, and value of each human being. The program meets educators where they are in terms of their knowledge and experience with character development and character education programming.

All microcredentials are aligned with the revised Bloom’s Taxonomy. Teacher MCs are aligned with NBPTS and NEA Leadership competencies. In addition, education leader MCs are aligned with PESL and NELP standards.

Educators move through the MCs at their own pace. To receive WGU issued microcredentials and certificate, educators must pass performance activities.

  • Enroll by June 1, 2022
  • Online self-paced microcredential courses available for start June 15, 2022
  • Complete online self-paced microcredential courses by September 30, 2022

$250 per participant (non-refundable)