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WGU IT Audio Series

Tips and Tech Talk for WGU Information Technology Students

The information technology field is constantly evolving. To keep your skills sharp, you'll benefit from staying aware of the most current information regarding information technology.

These tips and tech talks will help you as an IT student keep up to date on the latest trends so you're prepared to be a successful contributor in the IT industry. 

The IT audio series:

  • Provides resources 
  • Fills knowledge gaps
  • Connects you to faculty-driven content and industry-driven pieces

We hope this resource enhances your degree experience and accelerates your course and career success.

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Course-Related Topics


C480/D114 - Subnetting with Adrian Brown

C480/D114 - Why Subnet? with Adrian Brown

Technical Communication and Capstone

C768 - Task 1 - Tips with Joe Barnhart

C768 - Task 2 - Tips with Joe Barnhart

M.S. in IT Management

C954 - Urban Legends with Jerry Geiser and Lavender Boyles

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A group of IT professionals examine lines of code.

Student Journey

Tips for Students

5 Tips from Successful Students with Chana Temple

How to Engage with your CI with Chana Temple

Imposter Syndrome with Julianne Koch and Jessica Galterio

Pomodoro Time Management Technique with Julianne Koch and Jessica Galterio 

Re-taking an Assessment with Jessica Galterio, Julianne Koch, and Eric Anderson

Motivational Minute

You Against You with Sean Jensen

Weak or Strong? with Sean Jensen

Remember to Study with Sean Jensen

Plan B with Sean Jensen

Friendly Accountability with Sean Jensen

Things to Happen with Sean Jensen

No Weekends Off with Sean Jensen

Gritty People with Sean Jensen

New Student Series

Building a Relationship with your PM with Julianne Koch and Jessica Galterio

How to Accelerate with Julianne Koch and Jessica Galterio

When Am I Ready to Test with Julianne Koch and Jessica Galterio

5 Tips for New Students with Julianne Koch and Jessica Galterio

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