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WGU Resources The Business of Healthcare

Business and healthcare come together to help change lives.

Hospitals and clinics are businesses centered around helping others. It’s vital that these institutions operate effectively to ensure patients get the best care possible. Learn how business and healthcare have come together to ensure that healthcare organizations can thrive. Without this combination of specialties, patient needs won’t be met, employees won’t thrive, and healthcare organizations will fail.

Which healthcare profession fits your personality?

There are a variety of roles inside the healthcare world. Discover which healthcare profession could be the perfect fit for you.

Healthcare careers without direct patient care.

Are you interested in healthcare, but unsure about directly helping patients? Find out which careers play to your strengths.

Healthcare management careers for business degrees.

Are you interested in working in healthcare, but worried your degree can't help you get there? Discover how you can take your business degree to a healthcare job.

Management jobs in the healthcare industry.

There are so many options when it comes to careers in healthcare. Learn about management jobs that could be a perfect fit for you.

Join the business of helping others.

New healthcare systems.

A group of medical professionals standing side by side.

What is integrative healthcare?

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Female doctor working with laptop.

7 essential healthcare tasks outside of patient care.

Two doctors | Integrative Health

Leadership in a value-focused healthcare system.


Healthcare of the future.

Medical technology.

What illnesses are coming?

How is technology changing healthcare?

Healthcare trends.

21st-century healthcare challenges: medical trends.

Where healthcare is headed: the statistical picture.

Improving the gender wage gap in medicine.

The rapidly changing landscape of healthcare tech.

Healthcare ethics in modern medicine.

Who's solving the HPSA crisis?

Meet the Night Owls.

Laurie Charles has dedicated her life to the important work of helping child victims of sexual assault. Learn how her degree has helped her.

Kristine Perry says her degree has helped her be in the right place at the right time to help others. Discover how it's changed her life.

Spotlight Jeff

Jeff Solheim transformed his life and built a global career with the help of a degree from WGU. Learn how he built his empire.

Explore other programs.

We offer degree programs in four in-demand fields. Explore what else is available.