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When comparing your IT degree options, it’s important to look at a variety of factors to help you decide which is the best fit for you, particularly when it comes to the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration–IT Management and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degrees. While these two degrees may seem similar, they’re actually very different and can lead to distinct career options down the road.

This guide compares WGU's BSBA IT Management and B.S. Information Technology to help you make an informed decision when picking the right program for you.  

IT Management – B.S. Business Administration

IT managers are needed in nearly every organization:...

IT managers are needed in nearly every...

IT managers are needed in nearly every organization:

  • Time: 66% of graduates finish within 36 months.
  • Tuition: $3,575 per 6-month term.

Some careers and jobs this business degree will prepare you for:

  • Vice president of risk management
  • Product security incident manager
  • Vice president of technical services
  • CTO and CIO
  • Director of IT

Key competencies of these online courses align with industry needs: management and leadership, networks and security, and information systems management.

Information Technology – B.S.

Award-winning coursework and value-add certifications make this...

Award-winning coursework and value-add...

Award-winning coursework and value-add certifications make this online program a top choice.

  • Time: 71% of graduates finish within 30 months.
  • Tuition: $3,625 per 6-month term.
  • Certifications: Includes AWS, ITIL, LPI and CompTIA.

The LPI Linux Essentials and ITIL® Foundation Certification are central to this program. Included CompTIA certifications are A+, Network+, Security+, and Project+.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration–IT Management (BSBA IT Management)

Two colleague discussing new project.

The overall goal of this program is to prepare you for the business side of IT—ensuring you’ll be a qualified leader in the IT realm. You’ll learn business and IT concepts that will equip you to meet the needs of today’s organizations, helping them to overcome issues such as software delays, technical issues, and system failures that can dramatically impact their bottom line. Because this program is more directly focused on the business side of IT, it sits within WGU’s business college.

What Will I Learn in the BSBA IT Management Program?

Some of the business skills you’ll focus on in your BSBA IT Management degree program include:

  • Economics 
  • Project management
  • Operations and supply chain management
  • Quantitative analysis for business
  • Human resources
  • Employment law
  • Spreadsheets

Some of the IT skills you’ll learn in the BSBA IT Management program include:

  • Business of IT applications
  • Information systems management
  • Network and security foundations
  • Data management

These skills will be vital in helping you mesh important business and IT strategies to help organizations thoughtfully utilize technology.

BSBA IT Management Career Options

With a BSBA in IT Management, you’ll be prepared for the following careers: 

Who Should Earn a BSBA IT Management Degree at WGU?

This degree program is best suited for someone who’s interested in both the IT and business worlds. It's ideal if you prefer not to take a deep-dive into technological concepts and would rather be versed in the business practices that make IT departments thrive, giving you the opportunity to pursue management positions. This is a great position for someone who wants to work doing business for an IT company or IT department.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (B.S. in IT)

A group of IT professionals look at a laptop screen.

Every organization needs an IT department to help with the technical aspects of today’s workforce, and an IT degree can prepare you for that work. With a B.S. in IT, you’ll be equipped with specific skills in coding, hardware, security, software, and applications that will set you up for a hands-on career in IT.

What Will I Learn in the B.S. IT Program?

The courses and curriculum for this degree program are heavily focused on the technical details of IT, giving you the knowledge and skills to accomplish IT tasks.

Some of the hard skills you’ll learn in the B.S. IT degree program include:

  • Information systems management
  • Scripting and programming foundations
  • Data management 
  • Networks (troubleshooting, configuring, and managing) 
  • Security analysis 
  • Cloud, Linux, and other networks and systems
  • Web development
  • User interface design

Additional soft skills you’ll learn in the B.S. IT program include:

  • Project management
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Emerging technology

Who Should Earn a B.S. in Information Technology at WGU?

If you want to be heavily involved in IT, working on devices, programs, and systems, and use your technical skills to improve organizations, this degree path is for you. It will prepare you for management roles but take a much more technical, hands-on approach to IT. A B.S. in IT is ideal for someone who wants to work in any variety of industries, specifically on the information technology side in the IT department. It could also be a great fit for someone who wants to specifically work for a software or IT company.

What Are the Differences Between These Programs?

There are several important differences between these two degree programs that can help guide your decision. The main differences include:

  • The BSBA IT Management degree has a much stronger business focus, while the B.S. Information Technology has a direct IT focus.
  • The B.S. Information Technology degree offers multiple IT industry certifications, while the BSBA IT Management offers WGU certificates.
  • The B.S. Information Technology degree focuses more on hands-on IT skills, giving you specific coding and system training, while the BSBA IT Management focuses more on the business side of IT with budgeting, management, strategy, and more.

If you’re considering either of these online degree programs, it’s important to do your research to truly understand which one is best for your career aspirations and interests. WGU offers many programs to help you find one that’s the perfect fit for where you want to go in the IT world.

Why WGU?

There are a wide variety of career opportunities open to students of both degree programs. There are also major benefits associated with pursuing a degree program with WGU, including a flexible schedule, coursework and lessons that are fully accessible online, affordable options for every student, and more.  Either degree can help you achieve your goals—it just depends on your experience and what you want your future to be.

It's Affordable

Tuition is charged per six-month term—not per credit hour—which means you can complete more courses in one term without paying more money.

It's at Your Pace

Competency-based education means you can use your knowledge and professional experience to your advantage. Move through courses at your own pace to accelerate your program and graduate faster.

It's Flexible

Because our courses are all online, you can continue to work full-time and manage your responsibilities while earning your degree. You don't have to leave your job to pursue your MBA—something you and your employer will both appreciate.

"I chose WGU because of its ease, price, and the possibility of gaining IT certifications along with my degree. Now that I've graduated, I have four years of IT experience, a bachelor's degree, and five IT certifications that help show that my skills are valuable. That's a really good jumpstart for a career. After I graduated from WGU I quickly got a much better job and nearly doubled my salary." Eric Gardner
B.S. Information Technology

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97% said that their WGU graduates were prepared for their jobs

97% of employers said that WGU graduates were prepared for their jobs.

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95% of employers said they would hire another WGU graduate.

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98% of employers said WGU graduates met or exceeded expectations.

Source: 2021 Harris Poll survey of 300 employers