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Leadership in Nursing Improving the care of caretakers.

Leaders in nursing can change the world.

If you're passionate about helping others, a career in nursing could be the perfect fit. Leaders in nursing need to be properly equipped to ensure the success of other employees and provide better ways for patients to heal. These resources will help you be prepared for what the future as a nursing leader can bring.

Credibility of online nursing.

An online nursing degree isn't just credible—it's a great option for aspiring nurses. Learn why you should consider an online nursing degree.

Benefits of a master's degree.

A master's degree in nursing can open all kinds of doors for you as a nurse leader. Discover if a master's degree is right for your future.

Transition from RN to BSN with ease.

If you have your RN and want to further your education, an RN to BSN option could be ideal. Learn how to succeed as you pursue your degree.

Is a nursing degree for you?

A nursing degree can help lead to a bright and promising career. Find out if a nursing degree is the right path for you.

Nurses need strong leadership.

Challenges in nursing.

A nurse rubs her face during a moment of stress.

How to get through the toughest nursing moments.

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Minorities in nursing: improving workforce diversity.

A young nurse stands in front of a blurred background, holding a couple text books.

4 strategies to mitigate the challenges nurses face.

Wrapping bandage on woman

Nursing outside the hospital.

Where are nurses needed?

What career options do nurses have?

Where can you go with a nursing education degree?

Meet the Night Owls.

Savannah Courtright utilized her passion for nursing and her Belinda Puetz scholarship to change her life. See how she did it.

Kristine Perry says her degree has helped her be in the right place at the right time to help others. Discover how it's changed her life.

Spotlight Jeff

Jeff Solheim transformed his life and built a global career with the help of a degree from WGU. Learn how he built his empire.

Explore other programs.

We offer degree programs in four in-demand fields. Explore what else is available.