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Grow Your Own Teachers...Really!

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Gain Qualified Teachers through WGU's Federal Work Study Grant Program


We know that it’s been tough for school districts to retain their teaching staff. Many retire or move out of the area.  But what if you could cultivate your own teachers?  It’s possible with WGU’s participation in the Federal Work-Study (FWS) program. 

To find out more about how your district can partner with WGU's Teachers College in the School of Education to take advantage of some or all of the initiatives that we offer, please contact Jared Jimas, WGU Enterprise Account Executive, at 385-428-9151 or complete the form on this page and Jared will contact you. We look forward to working with you.

Student Teach in Your School District

What that means for you is that teacher candidates who would normally student teach to meet program and licensure requirements as unpaid interns may now get paid as employees in your district. Ideally, they’ll return to your school district as teachers once they’ve earned their degrees.

It’s a Simple Plan

For a teacher candidate who qualifies for financial aid and pursues their degree from WGU’s Teachers College, we pay 75% of their salary with FWS funds. The district will cover 25% of the student’s salary as well as any Fair Labor Standards Acts and/or local labor law requirements. Once their FWS funds are exhausted, you’ll pay their wages if they are still your employee. 

It’s a Win-Win for the District and the Teacher Candidates

When your parapros register for the WGU FWS program, good things happen. 

  • They learn online from an accredited university.
  • You have access to “homegrown” teachers for your district.
  • It’s a cost-effective way to earn a teaching degree.
  • It solves the growing problem of teacher shortages.

Accredited, Respected,

One important measure of a degree’s value is the reputation of the university where it was earned. When employers, industry leaders, and academic experts hold your alma mater in high esteem, you reap the benefits of that respect. WGU is a pioneer in reinventing higher education for the 21st century, and our quality has been recognized.

Find Your Teaching Degree at WGU