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Together We Can Help Your Workforce Succeed

Your Employees Matter, So Invest in Their Education

In today’s competitive business landscape, your employees are the most valuable asset to help push your organization forward. 

At WGU, we understand the importance of helping them hone their skills and arming them with the knowledge they need to help your business thrive. By partnering with WGU, you can develop world-class talent to help you rise above the competition.

Since our inception as a nonprofit university in 1997, our online courses have helped hundreds of thousands of students earn their degrees while working. Our unique model enables you to stay flexible and meet the needs of your employees, and our industry-relevant curriculum means your workforce will get the education they need to succeed in the modern business world. Becoming a WGU partner will pay dividends for you and your employees.


Number of organizations that rely on WGU for employee education.


Percentage of surveyed employers who said they would hire another WGU graduate.
*WGU 2023 Annual Report


Work hours an employee is expected to miss while pursuing a WGU degree.

An Education Focused on Diversity, Flexibility, and Affordability

Diversity matters, and we embrace it. In fact, 70% of WGU students come from historically underserved communities. Our mission has always centered on making degrees accessible and attainable for all learners, regardless of their backgrounds. When you become a partner, we'll work together to build more equity in the workplace by giving each employee the opportunity to further their education and gain important skills. If you're ready to upskill and diversify your workforce, a WGU partnership is a great place to start.

Affordable, accredited, and flexible degree programs put a degree within reach for more of your workforce. Our courses are designed for working adults with busy lives. They're also affordable. We offer flat-rate pricing per six-month term, allowing you to easily allocate budget for student tuition costs. Beyond that, we operate on a competency-based model, meaning that students who demonstrate knowledge of the material can move through courses more quickly, graduating sooner and for a lower cost. At WGU, your tuition assistance dollars go further and help more students. Our accredited degrees open doors of opportunity that will help your employees grow and contribute within your workplace and beyond.  

See Why Partners Choose WGU


Discover why hundreds of organizations choose to partner with WGU to help their employees grow and develop.

Why Join the WGU Talent Development Network?

When you become a WGU partner, you join the WGU Talent Development Network. This network of leaders gives you access to top talent and continual training for your current workforce. It will help you not only improve the skills of your current employees, but also recruit new, qualified candidates. Through our network, you'll be set up for success in your organization now and into the future.

The WGU Talent Development Network is a one-stop source for meaningful solutions and measurable impact for every stage of your talent pipeline. Join our network of leaders dedicated to developing their talent for the future. Your commitment to continual development of your valued talent is key to the future success of your organization. 

Meet Our Current Partners

We've partnered with over 300 industry-leading companies and graduated over 200,000 students, so you can be confident in the quality of a WGU education for your team. Here are some of the partners we work with.

“To anyone seeking a relevant degree in today’s modern, hectic world … WGU is the perfect model.”

-Phyllis Campbell
Chairman, Pacific Northwest, JP Morgan Chase


“Our partnership with WGU enables our employees to advance their education affordably without interrupting their careers.”

—John Steele
Former SVP of Human Resources, HCA Healthcare


“I’m impressed by the results in places like Western Governors University. Its low-cost online programs rely on competency-based progression, not class time or credit hours.”

—Bill Gates

The WGU Difference

  • We are aligned with your company's objectives to put your employees on the path to success.
  • Our experienced advisors are dedicated to finding the right programs for your employees.
  • We offer scalable, industry-relevant programs that cost about half the national average.
  • Our flexible courses work around your employees’ schedules.
  • We provide dedicated mentors to ensure your employees have the support they need.
  • Our completion rates that are higher than the national average.
  • WGU pioneered competency-based education. We remain the only institution offering competency-based degrees at scale.
  • WGU awarded over $28 million in 2023 in scholarships.*

*2023 Annual Report

Why We're a Perfect Fit


WGU costs about half as much as the national average, letting you spend less and educate more.*

*2022 IPEDS


Your employees will have a dedicated faculty mentor for complete support throughout their time at WGU.


On average, undergrads earn their degrees in two and a half years through our competency-based learning model.


Students control their own schedules, letting them take courses or breaks and prove their competency at any time.

A More Prepared Workforce

With WGU, you can upskill your talent to meet the current and future needs of your business. Our courses align with real workforce needs and are updated to adapt to the shifting demands of the business world.

82% of employees agree education benefits made them more effective as employees

43% of employees say they would prefer education benefits to a higher salary

Let's Team Up with Your Team

See how a partnership with WGU can help your people rise above the rest.