Thank Your Mentor Day 2015

WGU Night Owls Say #ThanksWGUMentors

WGU Mentor and Graduate

January 15, 2015, was Thank Your Mentor Day at WGU, a chance for students and alumni to share their appreciation with their faculty mentors. And they jumped at the opportunity!

Faculty members at WGU fill a role different from faculty at other universities. They are mentors—that's their official job title—whose No. 1 job responsibility is to work for the students, helping each one graduate. And WGU students report the support they receive from mentors makes a big difference.

  • According to Gallup, 68% of WGU students surveyed last year strongly agreed they had a mentor who encouraged their goals and dreams—more than three times the national average.
  • The 2014 National Survey of Student Engagement found that students rated WGU 20% higher than other institutions on quality of interactions with faculty, 23% higher on academic support, and 16% higher for their entire education experience.

You can see the impact mentors have on their students' ability to thrive and succeed, staying connected and engaged despite working independently and online, by viewing the videos below. You can also read their posts on social media via the #ThanksWGUMentors hashtag.

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