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WGU Advancement Reinvigorating the promise of higher education, together. Support WGU students

Help us open up the world of academic access.

Access to Opportunity

Talent is everywhere.

Opportunity isn't.

Let's change that together.


At WGU, we are committed to identifying barriers to higher education and systematically knocking them down so more students can earn their degrees and achieve their dreams. 

Accelerating Innovation

Ambition never rests. Neither do we. 

We're investing in the future of higher education.

Join us.


Traditional higher ed wasn't built for the realities facing many of today's students. At WGU, we innovate with students in mind, giving them the flexibility and freedom they need to succeed. 

WGU is changing higher education and WGU Advancement makes this change possible.

Since its founding, WGU has attracted the attention and support of generous contributors who recognize the need to reinvent higher education and who share our vision of affordable, accessible higher education for all. If you're passionate about giving people an opportunity to advance their careers and achieve their dreams, we invite you to join us by making a gift to support our work. Your gift — whatever the amount — will change the lives of students and their families.