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Personalized education and outcomes.

Adults seeking higher education bring with them the skills, knowledge, and experience they've developed over years of work and learning. Yet most traditional institutions of higher  education do not recognize these talents. 

WGU's competency-based education accounts for the real-world experiences that adult learners carry with them. We meet students where they are and assist them in their journey to  develop the skills and knowledge needed to advance in their careers.

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Enabling innovation for all learners.

As a pioneer in the development of innovative technology models to support student success, WGU is well-positioned to connect institutions with  innovation in order to advance student academic, career, and life outcomes. Through internal and external collaborations, WGU is accelerating advances in new technological, systems, process, and learning ideas that better meet the needs of all students, especially those who have been overlooked in the past.

Created as a way to bring ideation and incubation under one roof, WGU Labs is both an idea engine and a testing ground, focused on solving tough educational problems by rapidly designing, testing, and refining effective learning solutions.

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