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Talent is everywhere. Opportunity isn't. Let's change that together.


Affordability. For many who aspire to higher education and the benefits it provides, this is the one word that separates them from taking the next step to achieve their dreams. At WGU, we believe the cost of a college degree shouldn't result in years of crippling student debt. We strive to keep tuition rates low so more students can access higher education and complete their degrees.

Our donors advance our mission through their scholarship gifts. Whether we are engaging our alumni broadly through the Fellow Night Owl Scholarship or providing named annual endowed scholarship support to our students, our scholarship support enhances the lives of our students and their families.

WGU scholarships not only help students afford their education, they show recipients that others believe in them and are rooting for their success.

Special projects.

We are committed to identifying barriers to higher education and systematically knocking them down so more students can enroll in college, earn  their degrees, and achieve their dreams.

WGU Advancement's work doesn't end with affordability, because we know that cost isn't the only barrier to access. Through special initiatives, WGU Advancement is tackling challenges like expanding broadband access to rural communities and alternative financial aid. Learn more about our efforts by contacting us today.