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Donor Opportunities.

When you give to WGU you create a better future for students, and for society as a whole.

Education helps individuals become contributors to the community, and nurturing minds means improving the collective futures of individuals, families, companies, and more.


Give to individual students through scholarships.


Give to students through scholarship support.

Alumni Giving.

Give back to your university and show your Night Owl pride.

Partnerships include everything from working with community colleges to help students transfer and expand their education.

We’ve been fortunate to find many like-minded partners in our mission to completely re-design the higher education model in a way that truly puts student access, affordability, and success at the center. New ideas and new relationships are what keep us changing right along with the world.

WGU is working with corporations that want to help employees grow specific skill sets. Please reach out and start the conversation about what we can accomplish together.

Scholarships help bridge the gap to bring educational goals within reach.

Even with affordable tuition, many WGU students need financial help to make their education dreams a reality. Scholarships help bridge the gap to bring educational goals within reach. Every dollar you donate to WGU scholarships goes directly to students.

"$12.1 million in scholarships was awarded to WGU students in 2018, making their education even more attainable."

of WGU students are in one or more underserved populations.

of WGU students are active-duty military, veterans, or military famility members.

of WGU students work full-time while also managing their coursework and personal commitments.

of WGU students receive financial aid and nearly half (46%) of our undergraduates receive Pell Grants.

of WGU students are above the age of 26, and don’t fit into the traditional university model.

of WGU students are first-generation college students.

of WGU students are ethnic minorities.

of WGU students are from low-income families.

of WGU students are residents or rural areas.

The need is great.

100% of every single dollar donated to WGU scholarships goes directly to students.


WGU Labs: Center for Applied Learning Science (CALS).

Where we incubate ideas.

At WGU, we focus resources on programs that give students a career path after graduation. This means going beyond a typical curriculum, and innovative programs helps us achieve that goal.

WGU Labs is our online think-tank where faculty and staff create ideas to make higher education more impactful. Donations help us buy software, do studies, and more.." or something that really explanations what their dollars would do. 

WGU Labs Focus Areas:

  • Equitable Access to Higher Education
  • Student Readiness for Postsecondary Success
  • Innovative Learning Design and Delivery
  • Career Readiness, Reskilling, and Upskilling
  • Global Learning Design and Delivery

Putting our ideas to work

The Center for Applied Learning Science (CALS) is where we target significant challenges in education that have no clear solutions. WGU Labs informs our theories and ideas, and then we put them into action at CALS, creating engaging activities that transform students’ learning experiences.

Developing new methods and technologies.

Teams of learning experience designers, content developers, engineers, data scientists, and social psychologists work to design learning activities and programs that work better for students.

Rapid testing on a large scale.

We put our new ideas and theories to the test in controlled trials with real WGU students, which yields rich, rapid insights so we can modify our designs and change course if we need to.

Constantly improving education for students.

Once we’ve tested and perfected a technology or program, we put it into action for all WGU students to benefit from. And then, we start all over with the next new idea.

The Center for Applied Learning Science (CALS) is where we target significant challenges in education that have no clear solutions.

Learn more ablout CALS