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WGU Student Emergency Aid Fund. Frequently asked questions.

What is the WGU Student Emergency Aid Fund?

The Fund provides emergency aid to help current WGU students with non-tuition expenses that seriously jeopardize their academic journeys.


If you are a student seeking information on how to receive aid, please visit for the latest information. 


How can people donate to the WGU Student Emergency Aid Fund?

Those fortunate enough to have the ability to donate to the WGU Student Emergency Aid Fund can donate directly online with a credit card by visiting

Checks can be mailed to: 

WGU Advancement
Dept 372
PO Box 30015
Salt Lake City, UT 84130


For other donation methods, donors can connect with WGU Advancement by calling 385-428-6900 or emailing


How will students receive aid? 

For the latest information on financial resources available to students please visit 


When can students apply and how will students in need be identified?  

Funds will be available to students in immediate financial need, as determined by WGU’s Scholarship and Financial Aid departments. Aid will be allocated based on need and inquiry. 

Students seeking information on immediate financial support can visit

How will I know how my donation was received and will make a difference? 

All donors will receive a tax-deductible receipt and future communication about the impact their gift has made to WGU students. 


Will my contact information be sold or shared with any other entity? 



How long will WGU provide this level of support to its students? 

The WGU Student Emergency Aid Fund is everlastingly sustained to ensure that high-need students have a safety net during disasters and crisis.  


Can alumni benefit from this fund as well?

The WGU Student Emergency Aid Fund supports current WGU students only. 


Why should I give to WGU over other universities?  

More than 70% of WGU students are from historically underserved populations and are often hit the hardest in periods of crisis. We’re proud of the affordability we offer but understand that when faced with economic disruptions of heightened magnitude, food insecurity, housing insecurity and medical expenses will always outweigh tuition. We hope that our alumni and friends, especially those who understand the value of a WGU degree, will pay it forward in trying times.  


If you have additional questions, please email us at