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One-Year MHA at WGU

One Year*, 12 Courses, One Top MHA

Transfer Credit Accepted


The one-year MHA program allows you to transfer up to 24% of your coursework* (up to 8 competency units) taken at the graduate/master’s level at a nationally or regionally accredited institution to this WGU program.

*Courses must have been completed within the last five years and must have earned a grade of “B” or higher.

Tuition Per Six-Month Term


Tuition charged per term—rather than per credit—allows students to control the cost of their degree by taking as many classes as they want for the same price, meaning more value per semester.

Average Salary Increase


WGU graduates report an average salary increase of $22,200 after completing their WGU degree.*

*Source: 2022 Harris Poll

With a one-year MHA from WGU*, you can finish your Master in Healthcare Administration degree in 12 months for just $4,755 per six-month term. This accelerated online MHA program includes:

  • A course plan which outlines the length of each course and a session schedule. Your Program Mentor will review your weekly goals and provide a personalized education plan to help you stay on track to graduate on your accelerated timeline.
  • Available live sessions led by expert Course Instructors. These sessions are focused on relevant content, in-demand industry skills, and assessment tips to help you meet your goals as part of your accelerated MHA. 
  • Live interaction with a Program Mentor to help meet the expectations of accelerated competency-based learning, discuss goals and life balance, and other pertinent topics. Your Program Mentor is there to support you in making consistent progress toward completing your online MHA degree.
  • More support from the Writing and Math Centers as needed. Plus opportunities to network through student clubs, organizations and alumni services. And the career center to assist you with achieving your career vision. Additional support in your online MHA to help you realize your educational and career vision.

An online MHA doesn't have to mean that you are alone on your journey.

*Program can be completed in as little as 12 months. Students that do not complete program in 12 months and need longer to complete the program will need to pay for any additional terms.

Benefits of an Online MHA

An accelerated one-year MHA comes with many perks. Some of the benefits of a one-year online MHA program include:

  • Saving money on your degree. When you choose our one-year online MHA program, you'll pay less. Tuition for a Master of Healthcare Administration program per six-month term is $4,755 no matter how many online MHA courses you complete.
  • Continuing to work full-time while going to school. With a one-year online MHA program, you are able to continue working while pursuing a MHA. You can directly apply the things you are learning in your online MHA to your career, and you can continue to earn money while you're learning.
  • Increasing your salary or earning a promotion. When you graduate with your MHA in one year, you may be eligible sooner for a promotion or raise in your salary. You can begin boosting your résumé with relevant coursework and be prepared for enhancements in your career right away with a one-year MHA.
  • Utilizing your current knowledge and experience. If you're already working in healthcare administration, healthcare management, or the healthcare industry, your knowledge and experience can help you finish your online MHA even faster. With a competency-based education program like that offered at WGU, you can move through your courses as quickly as you master the material. This makes finishing your MHA in one year much more doable.
  • Earning a respected degree from an accredited school of health. When you pursue an online master of health administration, you want to ensure the school is accredited and well respected by the healthcare system. Whether you pursue a traditional or online MHA program, you want to be certain the credentials will be valuable to your employer and other healthcare professionals. An online MHA is as well respected as a traditional MHA program if you choose the right school. WGU has top regional accreditation—the highest form of accreditation—which means the MHA program is held in high esteem by employers and colleagues.
  • Starting and finishing sooner than you think. When you choose a one-year MHA, you'll likely graduate sooner than you may have originally anticipated. But when you choose an online MHA from WGU, you can also start your program sooner than you think. With start dates every single month, you can begin your one-year MHA soon after you apply. Taking on a full-time course load will mean you can start—and finish—extremely quickly.
  • Learning real-world skills. Online MHA degrees like those offered at WGU are geared to be directly applicable to your career. Healthcare management, communication, finance, analytics, and strategy courses will be part of your online MHA curriculum to ensure you have the specific skills employers are looking for. When you choose a one-year online MHA, you will still get the same industry-focused coursework you need, just on a faster schedule than in a traditional MHA in-person setting.

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How an MHA Is Different than an MPH or MBA?

A Master of Healthcare Administration, a Master of Public Health, and a Master of Business Administration are similar degrees, and can often lead to the same positions. However, there are a couple of key differences between them.


  • Focuses specifically on the management and leadership of healthcare businesses.
  • Classes cover finance, health policy, law, and ethics.
  • include clinic manager, director of hospital operations, and chief nursing officer.


  • Focuses on public health and population health.
  • Classes cover public health with a larger emphasis on science.
  • Jobs include epidemiologist, community outreach coordinator, and environmental health scientist.


  • Focuses on the skills to manage many areas of business.
  • Classes cover more general finance, marketing, and management.
  • Jobs include marketing manager, CEO, and management analyst.

Earn a Health Degree That Advances Your Career

Gain the comprehensive knowledge you need to become an expert in the nursing and healthcare field. A WGU healthcare degree can help you achieve the recognition and career progression you deserve. Employers are satisfied and they recognize our grads' performance. In fact in 2022, a survey found that 99% of employers said WGU graduates met or exceeded their expectations. Over the last 25 years, WGU has been a pioneer in reinventing higher education. Our students and their employers continue to reap the rewards of this dedicated commitment.  

The baccalaureate degree programs in nursing, master's degree programs in nursing, and post-graduate APRN certificate programs at WGU are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (

Earn Your Degree for About Half of the Cost of Other Universities*

You pay tuition per six-month term, not per course or credit. So when you move faster through your courses, you also lower your total bill!


WGU students pay about half the tuition,* and end up with half the debt of the national average.**

  • Low, flat-rate tuition.
  • Graduate faster and with less debt.
  • Financial aid and scholarships available.
  • Online education with supportive faculty.
  • VA and military benefits accepted.
  • Great return on investment.
  • All course materials for a low, flat fee.

*WGU average annual bachelor’s tuition rates are 48% lower than the national average, compared to national rates reported by the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data Systems in 2022. WGU average rate does not include rates for WGU Bachelor of Science, Nursing Prelicensure program.

**WGU undergraduate students have approximately half the debt at graduation compared to the national average, according to the Institute for College Access and Success (2022).

Prepared for Success on the Job

*From a 2022 Harris Poll of 300 employers of WGU graduates.

97% of employers said that WGU graduates were prepared for their jobs.*

95% of employers said that they would hire another WGU grad.*

99% of employers said WGU graduates met or exceeded expectations.*