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What Others Say

WGU has flourished into a national university, serving over 48,000 students from all 50 states. Our unique competency-based academic approach has received praise from academia and employers alike for its relevance to the real work world. Our reputation with employers is further enhanced by our emphasis on graduating highly competent professionals.

What Students Say

Returning to college is a challenge. WGU was created to make it possible. Many of our students and graduates report that they love the fact they were able to earn their degrees on their schedules and their budgets:

"Western Governors University gave me a well-rounded education so that I could match the level of my peers. The value was phenomenal! I would have paid thousands more at other schools."
  -  Sean Onion, WGU graduate.

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What Employers Say

Our focus on competency development is getting noticed by employers. This means that as a graduate of WGU, you’ll have a valued credential that is recognized by employers. Our latest survey speaks volumes about our great fit with the demands of employers in many industries:

  • 98 percent of employers rated WGU grads as equal to or above other employees who graduated from other colleges or universities.
  • 98 percent of employers consider WGU graduates strongly prepared for their jobs.
  • 100 percent of employers said they would not hesitate to hire another WGU graduate.
  • 98 percent of employers agreed that WGU graduates meet or exceed their expectations.
  • 97 percent of employers rate the performance of WGU grads as excellent.

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Additional Information

The Myths about Online Learning
Even though online learning is growing dramatically and becoming more and more accepted among employers and academia, there are still opinions—really, myths—about online education that linger in some people’s minds.

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