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Degrees & Programs

Earn your degree online at an accredited, respected university.

Online degree programs from four colleges.

WGU is an online university with career-aligned bachelor's and master's degrees—in teaching, nursing, IT, and business—designed to allow working professionals the opportunity to fit a university education into their busy lives. 

College of Business

Expand your skill set for the 21st century with a respected business degree from WGU. Our programs offer options for both experienced business professionals and motivated learners driven to advance their careers.

Teachers College

Whether you’re an aspiring teacher or an experienced educator ready to advance your career, WGU has a degree for you. Choose from more than 30 NCATE-accredited bachelor’s, post-baccalaureate, endorsement-preparation, and master’s degree programs in education.

College of Information Technology

Today’s complex, ever-changing field of information technology requires you to demonstrate superior IT knowledge, keep up-to-date with certifications, and hold a relevant degree from an accredited university. WGU is a smarter way for IT professionals to earn that degree online—with certifications included in most programs, at no extra cost!

College of Health Professions

Earn a nursing or healthcare degree at WGU and fill a vital role in today’s dynamic healthcare environment. Despite a changing economy, healthcare and nursing continue to experience strong job growth. This growth represents a great opportunity for you to further your career by completing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a field like nursing, health information management, or healthcare management.

This is a university made for you.

At WGU, our focus is on your success—as a student and a graduate. WGU has been one-of-a-kind from the start.

We’re the first university where all bachelor’s and master’s degrees are competency-based. It’s an innovative approach that measures learning, not class time, and it works particularly well for adult learners. Plus, our curriculum is designed with input and guidance from industry leaders and employers, so you know you're learning what you need to know to be successful. It will be rigorous, hard work—and it will be worth it!

We are the nation’s only university created by 19 U.S. governors. Their vision: Help change the lives of working adults by giving them access to a high-quality, affordable higher education that fits into their busy lives.

We believe higher education should be affordable for everyone. WGU is a nonprofit university with tuition well below what other reputable universities charge—about $6,000 per year. Our flat-rate tuition model means you complete as many courses as you can in a term without paying more, so graduating faster also means graduating for less.

"WGU is upending the traditional college experience, and has the potential to change the way universities—both new and old—think about learning.” The Atlantic

It’s not about class time. It’s about learning.

WGU’s approach to learning is designed to fit your learning style, your schedule, your life. All of our programs are competency-based, which means you’ll earn your degree as soon as you can demonstrate that you’ve mastered the material. Competency-based education (CBE) measures actual knowledge, not time spent in class.


Finish courses by proving what you know, as soon as you're ready.

With competency-based education at WGU, success is measured by actual learning, not class time. You advance by demonstrating that you've mastered the course subject matter—whether you learned it here or picked it up through years of work experience.

Your progress through a course is driven by you.
How quickly you learn. How quickly you learn.


The time you are able to devote to studying. The time you are able to devote to studying.


How much previous knowledge you bring. How much previous knowledge you bring.

You’ll read, complete assignments, write papers, and take tests, just as you would at other universities. But, in most cases, your progress won’t be tied to a class schedule—you can move quickly through material you already know and take the time you need to learn the things that don’t come as easily to you.

Calendar of programs beginning the 1st of every month

Programs begin the 1st of any month.

WGU enrolls new students at the beginning of each month, launching a new term for those students. A term at WGU is 6 months long. What does this mean for you? You can start when you’re ready, rather than rushing (or waiting) for fall or spring enrollment.  So, it’s back-to-school time year-round at WGU!

A fast-track career begins with a first-rate education.

To advance in your career—or to start a new one—you don’t just need a degree. You also need respected credentials and real-world skills. Our curriculum does that by taking learning to a new level.

Our courses are designed in collaboration with major employers and industry experts in healthcare, business, information technology, and education. What you’ll learn is what the marketplace wants. Our competency-based approach to learning ensures that you’ll master the material—making you better prepared to succeed in your career.

Employers appreciate WGU grads. We’ve been endorsed by corporations such as AT&T, HP, Hospital Corporation of America, and Microsoft. We’ve also been praised by the likes of Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Time, Fast Company, CNN, MSNBC, and Bloomberg Businessweek—as well as officials and elected leaders all the way up to the White House.


of employers polled said WGU grads were prepared for their jobs.

—2016 Harris Poll survey employers of WGU grads
2.5 yr

The average time to complete a bachelor’s degree at WGU is only 2½ years.

—WGU internal data

of employers said WGU grads exceed their expectations.

—2016 Harris Poll survey of employers of WGU grads

of WGU alumni recommend the university to others.

—WGU survey of alumni

Graduate from WGU, and you won't just earn a degree. You'll earn respect.

WGU “is consummately focused on actual student learning far more so than almost any other university in the world.” Forbes Magazine

You’ll be online, but you won’t be alone.

College is challenging, and even the best students need help from time to time. To steer students toward success we created a unique support system—it’s consistent, dedicated, and personalized.

Faculty mentoring from day one through graduation. 
Your Program Mentor will help you develop a degree plan that works for you, and then help you stick to it. Through regular, ongoing interaction and instruction from enrollment to graduation, they will advise and guide you through your chosen program.

Subject-matter experts for every course. 
In every course you take, you’ll also have access to instruction from faculty members who serve as a subject-matter experts and guides through the curriculum.  Use them for one-on-one or cohort-based help to get you resolve sticking points so you can truly master the learning material.

We’re student-obsessed, and proud of it. 
Our innovative support structure extends to all aspects of your student experience, including an IT help desk, student support, and centers to provide help with writing and math, counseling, budgeting, and more.