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Driven by Students, Guided by Education Innovators

WGU's Governance and Leadership

WGU is governed by a Board of Trustees consisting of educators, industry leaders, and state governors. In addition, WGU continues to draw support from the governors of the member states that were instrumental in the founding of WGU.

Board of Trustees

Dr. Charles Sorenson, Chairman
President and CEO Emeritus,
Intermountain Healthcare

Cole Clark
Managing Director,

David Simmons
Simmons Media Group

The Honorable Eric Holcomb
State of Indiana

Jessie Woolley-Wilson
CEO and President,
DreamBox Learning

The Honorable Jared Polis
State of Colorado

John W. Bluford III
President & Founder, Bluford Healthcare Leadership Institute

The Honorable Jim Geringer
Director of Policy, ESRI
Former Governor of Wyoming

Lenny Mendonca
Former Chief Economic & Business Advisor, State of California

Joseph B. Fuller
Professor & Co-Director,
Harvard Business School

Dr. Samuel H. Smith
President Emeritus
Washington State University

Scott D. Pulsipher
Western Governors University

Tammy Johns
Strategy & Talent

Talia Milgrom-Elcott
Co-Founder & Executive Director, 100Kin10

Kerry Healey
Milken Center for Advancing the American Dream

University Leadership Council

Scott D. Pulsipher
President and Chief Executive Officer

Bonnie Pattee
Senior Vice President, People & Talent

Nadeem Syed
Chief Financial Officer

David Morales
Senior Vice President, Technology and CIO

Gene Hayes
Senior Vice President, Regional Operations

Stacey Ludwig-Johnson
Senior Vice President, School of Education

Ashutosh Tiwary
Senior Vice President, College of Information Technology

David Perkinson
Senior Vice President, Program Development

Scott Neuner
Senior Vice President, Marketing

Bob Hunt
Senior Vice President and General Counsel

David Grow
Chief Operating Officer

Sarah DeMark
Interim Provost

Debbie Fowler
Senior Vice President, Student Success

Keith Smith
Academic Vice President, Leavitt School of Health

Mitsu Frazier
Senior Vice President, College of Business

Annalisa Holcombe
President, WGU Advancement

Jason Levin
Executive Director, WGU LABS

Chris Lee
President, WGU Academy

The WGU System

WGU is transforming higher education for every learner. Our system is focused on ensuring that every type of student gets applicable skills that they can implement in their career immediately—before they even graduate. Our colleges and programs are directly tied to current workforce needs, ensuring that students are getting relevant skills that will enhance their lives, their careers, and their communities. 

Our system also ensures that learners who need additional help also have the ability to get their specific needs met. Our innovative teams are constantly doing research and working with partners, governments, and other organizations to identify workforce needs and location needs. This ensures that every WGU student is able to get individualized help and skill that is applicable to their life. Our system is entirely designed around the idea that each student has specific needs, and that together we can help meet them.

The National Advisory Board

Members of the National Advisory Board represent corporations and foundations across the country and provide ongoing support and advice to the university.

The National Advisory Board is made up of a diverse group of industry leaders. Its members help WGU foster a global, visionary perspective in the strategic planning process, ultimately enhancing our ability to fulfill our mission.