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8/6/2014 11:53 am

An online business school—especially a competency-based one like WGU’s College of Business—can give you the flexibility to keep working while you earn your degree.

Business College
8/5/2014 10:49 am

Why get a competency based degree? A competency-based education focuses on what students know and what they can do, rather than how much time they have spent in a classroom. Here are three great reasons why getting a competency based degree makes sense for busy adults.

The Night Owl Blog
7/30/2014 1:49 pm

The Internet is a fantastic forum for networking and learning new information relevant to your career in nursing. Here are some great online learning resources for nurses

7/29/2014 1:16 pm

At WGU we champion your ability to earn an accredited, high quality degree in less time for less money. Your success stories can help others envision that reality for themselves. Many students transfer to WGU to complete their degrees affordably, acquiring far less student debt. Finding a balance between funding your education and managing your personal finances is vital to a healthy future.