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4/17/2014 12:36 pm

What’s that? You DON’T love math? Come on, it’s not like getting a tooth pulled. THAT can hurt. Math is challenging, you say? I’ll give you that. But I think everyone can meet the challenge and learn the math they need to learn to pass their courses.

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4/16/2014 11:03 am

Despite a loss to the L.A. Lakers, the final home game for the Utah Jazz was full of celebration for three of our Night Owls. Kyle Deamer, Jasmin Williams, and Taylor Jones were each awarded a one-year full-tuition scholarship during the half-time show. WGU President Bob Mendenhall presented the checks at center court with the help of Sage, our mascot, and the Jazz Bear.

The Night Owl Blog
4/11/2014 10:16 am

In the summer of 2012, Jessica Hawk and her husband found themselves asking what many working adults do every day: How could they find the time—and the money—for her to go back to school to gain the education and skills to improve their lives?

The Night Owl Blog
4/7/2014 2:02 pm

From K–12 education to healthcare, business to politics, and the arts to science to all other fields and facets of life, understanding and embracing individuals with autism and all across the neurodiversity spectrum is a goal worth striving for. At WGU, we will be joining the nation in celebrating Autism Awareness Month throughout April.

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