Kristen Gilley just finished up her first year teaching seventh-grade geography at South Decatur Junior/Senior High School in Greensburg, Indiana—and as much as she loved it, she felt something was missing. Due to tight budgets, Kristen taught a full year of geography without a globe in her classroom. As one

The process of submitting your performance assessments in Taskstream is about to get a little easier: Introducing “deep linking”! What is deep linking? Previously, when accessing Taskstream through the student portal, you clicked on the Taskstream button in the course of study and arrived at your Taskstream “homepage,” which

The social sciences address the material conditions of our everyday world—the political tensions, economic connections, social struggles, and cultural patterns that surround and shape our daily lives. Join WGU’s social sciences faculty throughout the week as we showcase a diverse host of research interests spanning history, political geography, political science,

One of the key measures of economic performance and the well-being of individuals in the workforce is the question of whether average wages, over time, are rising or falling. Ask that question of the American economy, and the answer is, “yes.” That’s because wages are both rising and falling, depending

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