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3/22/2013 9:30 am

March is Student Appreciation Month at WGU. The Night Owl community is full of amazing students, alumni, and prospective students dedicated to jobs, families, volunteer work, hobbies—and, on top of it all, furthering their education. This month, we’re sharing a few stories of spectacular Night Owls who are contributing to their communities.

The Night Owl Blog
3/13/2013 8:37 am

As you know, WGU’s learning model is centered entirely on students and their success. We were founded by governors whose sole goal was to give their states’ residents better access to high-quality education so they could reach their career goals. In other words: At WGU, it’s all about you.

The Night Owl Blog
3/4/2013 2:42 pm

Students praise the way focusing on clear competencies allows them to learn what they need to know to become highly sought-after employees, without wasting time on what they already know. Alumni and employers point to competency-based education as the reason WGU graduates are so well-poised to succeed.

The Night Owl Blog
2/26/2013 4:17 pm

My name is Alisa Affleck, and I am a mentor in the Secondary Science program. I have experienced WGU as a faculty member, as a student, and as the spouse of a student. WGU is a marvelous and innovative institution, and I'm grateful to be a participant in bringing about our shared mission.

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