By Nick Rothacher WGU Scholarship Program Manager If you haven't figured it out already, the ethos and culture that permeates WGU is to help students improve their lives. The employees and leadership at WGU are committed to their careers because we get to join students on a better path—a better

Teachers come in all sorts of different packages with different experiences, personalities, and stories. You may have some things in common with the men and women who make up our list of noteworthy teachers. Take our quiz to find out who you’re most like. After, be sure to visit our

We are excited to announce that Affordable Online Colleges has ranked WGU #1 in the Nation for combining affordability and academic quality. What does that mean exactly? Because tuition for most degree programs at WGU is less than $6,000 a year, we are in the lead for affordable higher education!

If you’re a student at WGU, you obviously made that decision carefully. You did your homework and decided that WGU was the best online university choice for you . We hope you still feel that way—and we hope you’ll tell us why. We’ve recently put together this new webpage laying

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