May 6-12, 2012, is National Nurses Week. To celebrate, WGU Connection is profiling this WGU online nursing student. Enjoy other National Nurses Week activities, including a hoodie giveaway contest, at the WGU Facebook page . For WGU online nursing master’s degree student Gladys Adjei-Poku of Sandy, Utah, health and healthcare

Quick! When we say the word "inspiration," what do you think of? Everyone has something—a scene in a movie, a quote, the example of a loved one—that keeps them motivated, that they go to when they need a reminder to keep trudging forward. When they need inspiration. Making your way

How have online universities changed since WGU launched its innovative model 15 years ago? How does WGU keeps its tuition for online degree programs so low? How does a newly enrolled WGU student prepare for school? Without a campus, can online students still have a “college orientation?” And what about

WGU’s Alumni and Career Services is proud to present a new webinar series called Career Compass that will help orient you to your job search and get you started in the right direction—with confident steps. The WGU Career Compass is a webinar series that covers resume writing, interviewing, and networking.

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