The flexibility, portability, and convenience of online degree programs make universities that offer them an excellent option for many military personnel and their families. But as with traditional universities, the quality of online universities varies greatly. Before choosing an online university, it’s important to do your homework: Call enrollment offices,

The capstone project. It’s the culmination of a WGU student’s hard work throughout the terms of their online degree program. It represents all their program’s competencies, rolled into one final demonstration of just how much they’ve learned. Capstones showcase our students’ best work, and with student permission they are archived

UPDATE: Chaunte placed sixth after successfully jumping 1.97 meters in the women’s high jump final. To watch a replay, please visit NBC's Olympic Page . Way to go, Chaunte! - Chaunte Lowe is a mother of two, a WGU master's degree student, and, now a three-time Olympian. The American women’s

Congratulations to our winners! 1st Place—Tasha Whitt (Amazon* Kindle Fire) "WGU Pug" 2nd Place—Kimberly Grisham ($100 Amazon* Gift Certificate) "Facebook Friends" 3rd Place—Kim Remien ($50 Amazon* Gift Certificate) "Pajamas" 4th Place—Sarah Parrish ($25.00 Gift Certificates to purchase WGU merchandise ) "Anywhere In The World" 5th Place—Stephanie Preece ($25.00 Gift Certificates

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